Our history

Eprom System was founded in 1993  by an entrepreneurial initiative, which found its origins in the long-standing experience built from its founder in the  security systems designing and integrations, like CCTV, access control and anti-theft

With the knowledge and constant know-how update in ICT and Security, Eprom System is able to propose to its customers high-end "Security & Control" systems, thank to the implementation of the highest technological standard on the market

The majority of the systems that Eprom Systems designs are dedicated to governments, bank, financial activities, public spaces and Oil & Gas plants. Between those we can Vatican Museums, UBI Banca's Teikos Building and Brembo's R&D builing, Kilometrosso in Bergamo.

Thanks to the wide technical department, Eprom System, in addition to designing, also provides maintenance services. This allow us be ensured that our systems are always efficiently working and, in case of emergency, the system recovery is guaranteed within 24 hours from the warning.