Perimetral Volumetric Protection systems

Advanced protection system based on Lidar Technology


Lidar technology based systems

This systems uses LiDAR Scanners (Light Detection and Ranging) to detect intrusions into many areas working with its custom software Accur8Vision™   

This detection system work 24/7, in all weather conditions, including adverses ones, and requires little or no maintenance. 

LiDAR Scanners is able to scan the entire environment through laser beams, invisibile to the human eye, and whenever a person or vehicle enters its field of view, the ACCUR8VISION™ system immediately triggers the intrusion alarm and tracks the intruder's path, notifying the surveillance team, even remote ones, which will be able to recognize the intruder with the PTZ Camera controlled by the ACCR8VISION™ software.
This high technologic detection system is the perfect companion for your perimetric protection system and fits perfectly in many contexts like:

- Airports    

- Power Plants (Hydroelectric, nuclear and photovoltaic fields) 
- Industrial plants  

- Institutional buildings   

- Private properties    

- Tranport facilities 
and many other high security value  buildings 

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